Best Penang Local Foods

Harrison / October 9, 2014

Visit Penang And Try Some Of The Best Hawker Food There For those of you who don’t know, Penang is a state in Malaysia and here you can eat some of the best hawker food or street food in the world. Penang is famous for is hawker food which is traditional food sold directly on [ View Full Page… ]

Where Are All The Fun Places In Penang?

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Penang has an amazingly rich culture and there are a lot of places to visit and learn from. Also Penang has a strong food culture which offers you the possibility to meet new people, new tastes and new ideas. Besides the cultural and culinary trip, Penang also offers activities and attractions for tourists interested in [ View Full Page… ]

The Penang Hungry Ghost Festival

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Have You Ever Been To The Penang Hungry Ghost Festival? The Penang Hungry Ghost Festival takes place on the seventh moon in the Chinese calendar (August 15th) every year. In the Chinese belief, during this time the gates of Hell crack open and the hungry souls go out for an entire month looking to create [ View Full Page… ]