Paleo Diet In Penang

Harrison / January 20, 2015


In Penang You can keep the Paleo diet without too much sacrifice

Many people torture their bodies just to lose a few kilograms that will go back anyways and don’t consider the environment they live in. They eat the same foods only they reduce the quantity for a while after which they continue to eat the same as before dieting. This is not a way of losing weight healthy!

The best way to lose weight in a healthy manner is to change the environment. Move to another country with other culinary customs and you’ll see results pretty soon. For example you can keep the Paleo in Penang without worrying that you’ll remain out of dishes. You just have to live for one year here and your metabolism will change allowing you to lose weight and be fit for a very long time. Also remember to use Green Tea Triple Fat Burner while you’re on Paleo diet. Using both will bring you the result faster.

Penang has an amazing street food culture which allows you to choose from a variety of traditional dishes cooked using very different methods. Here each vendor knows a different method to make the same food which gives a different texture and aroma to each dish.


What is the Paleo diet?

The Paleo diet is a comeback to natural, unprocessed foods. It’s a way of eating healthy and avoiding all the processed foods and sugars that poison our bodies and mind these days. The diet is more of a lifestyle than a temporary change because once you went Paleo you’re not going back.

The main foods you can eat when you went Paleo have to be whole, unprocessed and rich in nutrients like grass fed chicken or cows, seafood that was not raised in a farm and vegetables from your own garden. You can also eat fruits, nuts and seeds, they are all natural too.

You have to avoid foods like grains containing gluten, sugar or anything else that comes from a supermarket.


Going Paleo in Penang

In an over industrialized world where everything is fed hormones to grow faster and bigger, it might be hard to find such foods but in Penang everything is natural. People around here don’t buy the broccoli from the supermarket, they actually grow it themselves and sell it to food producers. Everything is out and in the open as you can see how they make the food on the street.

Penang people use herbs, spices, raw or cooked vegetables, seafood caught by themselves and poultry that is fed natural, healthy food. You can ask the vendor to cut off certain ingredients from your food if you consider them against the Paleo diet principles. There are some oils used and you can ask them to cut those out when preparing your dish. Penang people are very inventive when it comes to food.

Penang will definitely change your lifestyle and your usual diet regardless of the fact that you are Paleo or not. They do not use as much potatoes and refined grains to make their food. Their traditional cuisine is based on raw vegetables, rice, noodles and seafood. That’s why going Paleo in Penang is much easier to achieve then in any other country of the world.