Where Are All The Fun Places In Penang?

Harrison / October 9, 2014

penang the escape theme park

Penang has an amazingly rich culture and there are a lot of places to visit and learn from. Also Penang has a strong food culture which offers you the possibility to meet new people, new tastes and new ideas. Besides the cultural and culinary trip, Penang also offers activities and attractions for tourists interested in having a fun and relaxed vacation.

We offer you a list with what we considered to be the most fun places in Penang and the activities you can do there. We hope that it’s going to be useful, especially if you’re in Penang for the first time.

The Escape theme park

Here you can have a lot of fun doing outdoor activities like climbing a 30 foot tree and balancing on tight ropes a few meters above the ground. The park is in Teluk Bahag and is one of the most popular adventure parks in the area.

Here you can come if you feel like life in Penang is too relaxing. Bring your friends and have fun together trying to escape the ESCAPE Park!

Check and see how good your negotiation skills are

If consider yourself a good negotiator you should go to one of the markets in Penang. You can try the popular Bazaar Chowrasta to see if you manage to knock off the price of a product. These people are trained to do this night and day and it may not be that easy. It’s a fun way to visit the city and to see how good you actually are.

Ride a bike from Batu Ferringhi to Teluk Bahang

If you are in the need of a good workout you can take a bike and do this amazing circuit. It’s long, it has many curves and hills but you will be astonished by the views and the quality of the road. It will be silence and beauty at the same time.

Go to Batu Ferringhi beach at sunset

If you are in Penang with your significant other this is the place that you must visit. The view here, at sunset is astonishing (especially if the day was extremely hot)! You will have the opportunity to see a variety of colors between fuchsia and vermillion that will get lost in the dark night when the time comes. It’s a view that none of you will forget for a long time.

Go to the Bird Park

The Bird Park is one of the most fun places in Penang as you get to see a variety of exotic birds from all over the world.

As you can see, Penang is an amazing place where you can visit and have fun at the same time. The place offers such a diversity of activities and places to see that we can guarantee you won’t be bored (not even for a second!). Besides the places, we put on our list there are others that you will find out about from locals and guides. We didn’t include them on our list because they are so many and it’s kind of fun to not know what you can discover is such an exotic place. Do you know that Chinese people in Penang have a festival called The Penang Hungry Ghost Festival?