Top Places For Runners In Penang

Harrison / January 19, 2017

If you take running more than as a simple way of getting in shape, we have some amazing tips for you. Running outside is entirely different than running on a treadmill. You might think it is easy because there is ground everywhere to run on, but running has more to do with the route which you are running instead of your ability to run.

Penang is a beautiful city, but if you are a runner, then you must be aware of the fact that it is hard to keep avoiding families in your path as you run on the runner-unfriendly streets. Rather than switching from your route each time, go to the places which are suitable for all kinds of runners in the street.

Thing You Must Have When You’re Running Outside

It’s always a good idea to carry a map or GPS device when you are running. You also need to buy the best shoes for your running, but you will need to figure out whether you’re going to use them for weightlifting or not. Use these two guides: and from Just Home Gym to choose your shoes. In addition to that, you’ll need to keep something to scare away the stray dogs along the way. The following places are the best for runners in Penang.

Botanical Gardens

You can have an uninterrupted running here as there are no cars inside. Use a big loop to practice your marathon running and for sprint training go for the small loop. You will find places to rehydrate inside but watch out for monkeys. Here are some good ideas for preventing a monkey attack.

Jesselton neighborhood

Begin your running from a parking lot at the temple then continue on the main road along Youth Park. Once the park ends, you will come in a secluded area. Once you reach the junction, take a right and run through Jesselton neighborhood. Then turn around at Taman Jesselton; this area is free from stray dogs.

Pulau Tikus

Pulau Tikus is a great route to run on when you want to cover a long distance. You will come across some major roads while you are running and might find some stray dogs as well, but the route is quite runner-friendly. You will want to run here every day.

Georgetown Loop

Argyll/Muntari’s east-west corridors and Campbell/Hutton are great places for runners in the morning if you have keen eyes to spot stray dogs and stay away from them. Armenian Street can also be covered when you run a longer route though you might have trouble running without interruptions.

Pearl Hill

Pearl Hill provides a good challenge for marathon and sprint training compared to botanicals. You can increase the distance you cover by exploring the nearby area but always keep the map just in case you get lost.

Ayer Hitam

The dam at the Ayer Hitam is a beautiful place to run as it provides a well-shaded loop. Just find your way to the dam, and you won’t have to worry about any cars and stray dogs along the way. You have to pass through a few gates on the route which might disturb your peace of mind.